Immaculate Conception Praesidium – Church of Sts Peter and Paul

Immaculate Conception Praesidium was formed about 30years ago. At present we have 9 members comprised of men and women. We meet every Sunday at 12pm in Church of Sts. Peter & Paul. Most of the members help out as social ambassadors and are involved with some other church duties.

We give a listening ear to our personal contacts and encourage them to pray for peace in family and the world. Whenever we have the opportunity, we try to invite them also in the legion meeting and encouraged to join us if they are keen.

Our legion members also take part in some of the activities of the Church whenever we can. During the last two years when Covid-19 epidemic started, it was difficult to physically meet and so tried to meet up via Zoom but it’s also inconvenient for some of the members.

We hope to recruit more people to join us and join us in our prayers.