Senatus Allocutio: January 2022 by Rev. Fr Adrian Yeo Senatus Spiritual Director

TOPIC: The Baptism of the Lord

On the 9th of January we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. We are familiar with the narrative during this event. The familiar text recalls what happened after Jesus was baptized by John, a voice from heaven said, ‘this is my beloved Son listen to Him’. In return when we celebrate this Feast it should also remind us of two things. First and foremost, of our own baptism. By virtue of our baptism, we are made children of God. We become members of God’s household. We become his beloved sons and daughters. That’s our dignity to be given the title of sonship and beloved daughters of God Almighty.  Secondly together with the dignity given to each of us through baptism we are redeemed. Our sins are washed clean and forgiven. Hence as we celebrate the Feast of The Lord’s Baptism let’s recall the following questions, firstly what does this great feast reminds us? What comes to mind? Our calling is to live holy lives.  We are called to be holy as the Heavenly Father is Holy!

In order to achieve this, we must avoid sins, be more loving towards others.  As redeemed sons and daughters of God that is our true identity. We should always be mindful of this “To live holy just like God the Father wants us.” By living a holy life, we should be able to radiate the Father’s love to everyone around us and not only to avoid sin. In this world we live in which is broken in many ways we must be beacons of love and hope especially as legionaries because, we know our mission, we are called and sent. This calling should reflect through our action. Hence let’s respond to this calling that God has bestow upon us. We respond to God by our act shown to our fellow brothers and sisters. It is important to constantly examine our lives and actions so that we may lead holy lives.