Allocutio : March 2021


We are about halfway through Lent and it is still not to late for us if we have not done anything for Lent,
to do something. As I said in the last Senatus meeting in my allocutio, Lent is a time for us to make
adjustments. Lent is a time for us to make changes in our lives so that we can respond to God more
faithfully. And as we come close also to the end of Lent, that means we are also coming to the great feast
that the Church celebrates : Easter. When we celebrate the Easter Triduum, it reminds us all of God’s
undying love for us- by giving us Jesus.

To get the most out of the whole Easter Triduum, to get the most out of the passion, death and resurrection
of Christ, well, spiritually, as we go through now, we are preparing ourselves… but once we hit Maundy
Thursday, Good Friday, then, you know, for us, when we hit Maundy Thursday is the day when we, again,
continue to reflect on Christ suffering for us. When we celebrate Good Friday, for us to gain fully out of it,
it is not just the day when we remember Jesus’s death, but we also, in our own way, we die to ourselves. In
the whole season of Lent, we will try to die for ourselves and Good Friday is the day where we remember
that we need to die, which then leads us to the vigil or at least to Easter. Because for us, we also need to be
like Jesus- to rise again.

Do you remember the last time I said, Lent is not a time for us to be looking at out sins and then whipping
ourselves only. Lent is the time when we need to rise again. In the past we sing the hymn Ashes, the hymn
that we sing about rising up from ashses… we rise again from ashes. Easter Sunday is the day where we are
supposed to remember that we die to our sins and we rise again anew. This is the day also we remember
that we have been made new through our baptism because with our baptism we’d have died and rose again
with Christ and that we are anew – we are made new. That’s why on Easter Sunday, we renew our
baptismal promises. We remember that the old self has to die and we rise again with Christ and walk again
anew. So we need to remember that, yes, we need to die to ourselves but more importantly, we need to
remember, that we need to rise again through Christ. Then we have been made new and we are children
of God. That’s the celebration that we are reminded of, because Jesus has won the victory for us. As
legionaries, you should adhere, you should try to go back and encourage your own members to look and to
see how we need to die to ourselves, so that at Easter we can then rise again with Christ, made new again.
So that from there, made new, we can be true children of God. Amen.

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