Allocutio: January 2021


This weekend we celebrate the baptism of Jesus. With this celebration, we begin Ordinary time-the
weekdays will be Ordinary time. The baptism of Jesus is first the inauguration of his ministry here on
earth. It’s the start after his baptism, he went into the desert and then after that he begins his ministry.
Well, with this celebration of the baptism of Jesus, we too are called to reflect upon our own baptism. Yes,
we are all made children of God. But in baptism, we have a dignity, a three fold dignity that is given to us.
Do you know? It is to be priest, to be prophet, to be king. As Christians, more so for us legionaries, we must
live all these three out.

To be priest…
It has nothing to do with the ministerial priesthood, but to be priest means to share this common priesthood:
he calls us to pray. He calls us to worship God. So for us as legionaries, this must be a big part and parcel of
our lives-prayer, because prayer is the time when we recognize God, prayer is the time when we recognize
what God calls us, prayer is the time when we also draw strength from God. So we need to pray.

To be prophet…
What doe the prophet do? What doe the prophet know? The prophet goes and prophesy, but what do
they prophesy? The prophet calls people back to God. They tell the people. The prophets of the Old
Testament told Israel, “Look, you have sinned. You have strayed away from God. You need to go back to
God.” That’s the role of the prophet. And so as Christians, we are supposed to witness to God in our world,
and to tell people,” Look, what you are doing sometimes is not right. The attitudes that we have, they are
not right. “So far us as legionaries, again to live out our baptismal promises to be prophets is to really be
light to the world, salt of the earth. We are supposed to be example in our world. And so we need to try to
be that beacon for our world to realize, for the people around us to realize… that we need to live a certain
way of life… to realize that material things is not everything that to also realize that God is the one.
That’s the prophetic role.

To be king…
Then we are also called to have that kingly role. What is this kingly role? To be king is not to lord over
others. The kingly role is to establish God’s kingdom here on earth free from sin. So the way we lead out
lives, the way we attract others, are we leading people to free themselves from sin? Or are we leading people
to sin? Are we joining in the church in this progress of being sinless? Are we again an example in the world
of what holiness is all about?

So as we celebrate the baptism of Jesus, we are all called to think about our own baptism. Yes, we are
children of God, but what is our role? It is not just being Christian and then live life like that. For us, it
should be even more so, as legionaries, as people who are supposed to be example in our world. So let us try
to reflect (on our baptism), and also you should ask your members to reflect on their own baptism and their
dignity as Christians, are they living out that dignity? Amen.

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