Allocutio: December 2020


As legionaries, we will realized the importance of attendance at our weekly meetings and at higher councils
such as at Curia meeting and at Senatus meeting. Br Frank Duff can never stress enough the importance
of attendance at these meetings and this is clearly stated in the Legion Handbook with one whole section
under the Scheme of the Legion it mentioned that the primary obligation of each member is foremost their
attendance at its meetings (HB p.70).

It is also mentioned that legionaries attendance at the weekly praesidium meeting is regarded as the first
and most sacred duty to the Legion (HB p.71). This is reiterated on Chapter 33 Basic Duties of Legionaries.
Hence, due to the importance of attendance, we are reminded at every first meeting of the month as its first
requirement in the Standing Instruction which reads”… the punctual and regular attendance at the weekly
meetings of the praesidium…” (HB p.109).

Again, this is further emphasized in Chapter 34 Duties of Offices of Praesidia which indicated that the first
duty of each officer- President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer- is to attend the meetings of the

Needless to say, the attendance at meetings is our fundamental obligation as legionaries. Punctual and
regular attendance requires discipline, perseverance and commitment. I am sure there are often times
when we are tempted to be elsewhere or doing something else other than to attend the meetings. Again,
the importance is very well illustrated in the Handbook (p.191) that the meeting is like the root to the flower.
The flower or the plant will not live if there is no root. It is also depicted as the heart of the Legion from
which life-blood flows into all its veins and arteries (HB p.71) Likewise, the body without the soul (HB p.72).

The importance of attendance is reported in the praesidia annual reports and curiae quarterly reports.
Hence let us bear in mind that attendance at our weekly meetings should be one of the core values that
legionaries uphold.

As legionaries, let us grow and nurtured spiritually by being regular and punctual at our meetings. Let us
not forget this primary duty and be the power-house that gives light and energy as we go into battle for
Our Queen. Amen.

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