Allocutio :October 2020


October is the month of the Rosary, the month of Mary. I think this is a good opportunity
to remind us that the Rosary is just not merely a vocal prayer. Most of us, when we do the
Rosary, we do it as a vocal prayer. We just move through saving the Our Father and the Hail Mary.
But, what is more beneficial is that it is possible that we also take it as a mental prayer
because the Rosary is both vocal and mental prayer. What is this mental prayer? It is for us
to contemplate. What do we contemplate? We can contemplate on the mysteries of the Rosary itself.
What do we do? Say for instant, today is the Joyful mystery. You can at each mystery, imagine yourself
at the scene. At the Annunciation for example, just imagine yourself at the scene and the Angel came
speaking to Mary. Then you can ask yourself “how does it feel?”, “what does this mean to me?”- and
you slowly allow this scenes to speak to you. This is one of the ways and then you pray the Our Father
and the Hail Mary. The rosary may take a bit longer, not 15minutes, it may take an hour or so.
But this is mental prayer. Or if you want to, you can allow the words of the Hail Mary to speak to you.
What does it mean to you every time you say the Hail Mary or even the Our Father? Allow it to speak to
you and not just mimic words.

So this month, being the Rosary month, is an opportunity for us to take the extra effort to make use of
the Rosary as a form of mental prayer, and not just for vocal prayer in order to be able to get the full
meaning of the mysteries, and to be able to get the meaning of even the words of the Our Father or the
Hail Mary. The Rosary cannot be at the end of the day for us just counting beads. It is prayer, yes, vocal
prayer, it is good prayer. Vocal prayer helps us but also we need now and then mental prayer so that we
know why and what, in the prayer.

So my encouragement to you all is to take time on your own to contemplate further either the words of the
Our Father, contemplate further the words of the Hail Mary or even one mystery of the decade and think
further what doe it mean rather than just going through it. My challenge to you is-take extra time from now
now till the end of the month to make this as your sacrifice to Our Lady, devotion to her as you now
contemplates the mysteries of the Rosary or the words that we use in the Our Father or the Hail Mary
so that we can gain the riches of this prayer. Amen

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