Allocutio : November 2019


This month (November) we pray for all our faithful departed- a month where we remember them. In our memory,
we remember especially those legionaries who have left us and had contributed to their parishes,
to the Church as well as to the Praesidium and Curia.

We also remember the Servant of God Frank Duff and the members who started the Legion, that they are our
example to follow. They followed Mary, the humble servant of God. As we heard in the Spiritual Reading,
we should empty ourselves from self-exaltation, self-seeking, self-conceit… and truly humble
ourselves before God. Know that in our worthlessness and inadequateness,we have to lean on Mary to teach us,
especially Jesus Christ who taught the truth. Hence, imitating the example of Mary on how to be a servant of God.

During this month, we not only pray for the souls of the departed, but we also pray for ourselves.
Remember that we have to account for ourselves. While we keep an account of ourselves, let us be
confident that we are not going to hell because Jesus Christ has died for us, has won for us, and for God
Himself, by this death on the cross. Before him, we know that he knows our weaknesses, So do not be afraid
of death, because as we’re coming to the end of the liturgical year, we always talk about the end of the world,
the second coming of Christ at death. Death is not for us to fear. When we die, we go and join with God
because Christ has won for us a victory. What are we to be afraid of?

Coming before God who knows us, we trust in His mercy and love for all mankind. In my thinking, before
God, we are all his loving children. Therefore, we do not know what happens if the one you wanted to save while
on earth through the church at the last moment of his life but couldn’t. But what I do know is that the mercy and
love of God is greater than what I can think of because our way of thinking is not God’s way of thinking.
So let us, as legionaries give courage to others in our contact not to fear death but to enjoy life with God.
Console them, offer them your peace… even to those who are lapsed Catholics, or do not come to church. I’m not going
to judge them and you are not to judge. Only God is the judge. God will judge them according to His mercy and love.
That is what I believe and I truly believe. Amen

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