Allocutio : September 2019


Today we celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross. The cross is a sign of love, a sign of humility, and a sign of obedience.
The cross is everything that Jesus has shown us as the way to reach the Father. Hence, all the saints love the cross and they embrace
the cross. Christ came and suffered on the cross because He loves us. He came into the world in humility, took on our nature and died
on the cross, rose again and turned to the Father, send us the spirit, and was lifted up. So we are lifted up by following the way in
which we humble ourselves to submit to the Father’s will through the obedience to the Word of Him who spoke to us.

The saints love the cross because to the cross we truly see Christ who have offered Himself for us and for the world. When we look
towards Him, we submit ourselves to Him the same way that He humbled Himself, knowing how unworthy we are and yet He chose us. As St. Paul
said, because of the mercy of God that He had called him. He was the forerunner especially during the persecution of the church and yet God’s mercy
made him to become the apostle of the gentiles. We too, because of the mercy and love of God, and because of Jesus Christ, that we are lifted and
empowered by the Spirit to bring forth the Good News to others. So let us have courage, faith and confidence in the Word of Christ which has shown
us the way that we know is truth. Let us love all that God has sent us and be His ambassador to bring His good news to all. Amen.

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