Allocutio : October 2019


This is the month of the Rosary. We pray the Rosary and organize Rosary prayers for the homes, families and block Rosary. Pope St Pius V
instituted the feast of “Our Lady of Victory” after winning the battle by praying the Rosary. The Rosary is itself the meditation of the
mystery of Christ. I can say that the Rosary is a Rosary of life, a Rosary of love, a Rosary of victory and a Rosary of mercy. Through the
mystery of Christ, we meditate on the mystery upon how much God loves us as seen in Jesus Christ who came into the world to live with us, suffered
for us and raised up (after his death). During His lifetime on earth, He taught us the truth and when He left us, He gave us the spirit. So the
Rosary itself is not just a matter of recitation or a prayer for petitions.All is done and granted to use already in Jesus Christ as we pray the Rosary
because God loves us and promises us in Jesus Christ. So we trust especially in humility when we say the Rosary.

Know that God loves us as He has given us His Son through Mary. He’ll give us everything while we live in humble obedient to Him especially through the Rosary that also leads us in bits of life; love that we carry upon us. As mentioned in the Spiritual Reading, it is not only the desire but truly
we are with our Lady in her humility, obedience, and acceptance of God’s will. So praying the Rosary also makes us humble, obedient and acceptance of God’s will for us and for others that we truly submit ourselves to Him and let Him lead us as Legionaries to grow and love Him and all souls. Amen.

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