Allocutio : August 2019


In today’s Spiritual Reading, we read that “without humility there can be no effective legionary action.” The virtue of humility, is especially evident as we recite the Catena in the Tessera everyday which consist of the Magnificat. The Magnificat manifests humility- to be humble, humble enough to be as others and through humility that we be all to them. So the Magnificat teaches us not to be proud or have pride because pride brings us down, bring greed, and everything else that is not good. We should be humble, humble enough to lower ourselves just as Christ who lowered himself especially to the level of humility and humankind. He lowered himself though he is divine and is rich yet he became poor like us and lived among us. Mary and her son, in their humble hearts excepted God’s will for them.

When Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, her cousin said, “what an honour I have to be received by the mother of my Lord.” Yet Mary humbled herself as only a servant although God has blessed her, glorified her, magnified her to be the mother of Jesus. Let us then as legionaries, which humble hearts bring Mary to others. So, in whatever we do, whether we bring news to others, contact others, share Jesus with others, we surely humble ourselves and it is God’s doing- always remember that. Without the grace of God, without the Holy Spirit to guide us, without humility, truly our work will not be effective. But with love and humility just as all spirituality, in the service of love where we humble ourselves to receive Jesus that we too will be like him, as we imitate him in his humility, his obedience and his true sacrifice for the glory of God. Amen.

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