Allocutio : July 2019


To grow in holiness, we are to listen. Listen and imitate as found in today’s first reading, and the Sunday’s reading. We listen to Jesus who talk to us through messages i.e. his message of salvation and we follow his footsteps in evangelization.It is through him that he will show us the way. With total dependence on God, Jesus came into the world, and listens always to God, who wants him to fulfill the mission that he was sent forth into the world.

We, legionaries are called just like Mary, our Blessed Mother. We imitate and follow her who listens and ponders. As we have read in the spiritual reading just now, we live with Mary in us, rejoicing and sorrowing with her, in her trials, in her labours, and in her works. I’d like to say, especially in her ‘listening ears’ to God’s Holy Spirit prompting in her, until unto the cross. As legionaries, we have to have this kind of lady’s heart, especially her mind. The work that she had received from God is to bring Jesus to others and to show the way to others that lead them to Jesus. LegionariesĀ  should also do the same as Mary. With the grace of God on her and on us, we are able to complete the taskĀ  that God has given us especially to let others know that there is a God among us – the God that we know, the God that they do not know. Through us, we make Him known by loving, and serving, and praying for them. Amen.

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