Allocutio : June 2019


Tomorrow we will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, the coming of the Holy Spirit. So tonight you can light a candle for the Spirit to come  and dwell in us. The Spirit is itself and the Spirit lights up our lives. The Spirit is the spirit of truth that will teach us all that is true and the Spirit itself is love that makes us love like Jesus. So in our prayers, when God asks, “What do you want?” Our reply should be , ” I want the spirit of love, spirit of fire , spirit of truth.”  As Frank Duff said, “Can, we be saints?” Yes we can, but not by doing things on our own accord. We need to let the  Holy Spirit fills us so that we can do all the works that God has allotted to us. We pray that the Spirit will fill us as in the Legion opening prayer : Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and en kindle in the them the fire of your love. So the Spirit not only fires us up but others too that they’ll be filled with the love of Christ.

Through our love given by God, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit during Pentecost. We will not be afraid to give this kind of love to others – the love of Christ for the world. This  is the love that we need, especially when love by itself is nothing unless it is to love others. With love, we can receive  all the virtue of the Spirit. That is why a saint once said ” … I  wanted to be (this) and (that)…” and finally she said, ” I found my vocation- my vocation is love…I’ll be the heart of the church.” If we have the spirit of love in us, we are safe. Visible in the word for others to see by our lives for example helping others , visiting the lonely, comforting the sick, hearing and lending an ear to others ,lifting others up, leading others to Jesus and let Jesus take care of everything. Hence, Pentecost is where we truly ask the Spirit to fill us with the spirit of truth, love and life so that we may be filled with the complete joy in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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  1. good day bro and sis, pls can two people hold a Praesidium meeting? if no why? pls I need more enlightenment. my mail

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