Allocutio: May 2019


The month of May is also known as the month of Mary who is our Queen and Mother. It is our Lady’s month and in many places, it is also the most beautiful month of the year. It is spring, a time where flowers blossom and the weather is cool.

We have just read from the Handbook (p.25) that an essential part of being a legionary is to have a deep and  genuine devotion to  Our Blessed Mother. It should be in the soul of every faithful legionary and wherever she is, Jesus, her son and the Holy Spirit, her spouse, are ever present whom she is intimately united. So when we visit the home, hospital or in our contact work, not only is our Blessed Mother is with us but Jesus and the Holy Spirit are also in our midst.

Mary, who is immaculate is the “perfect model of this apostolic spiritual life” (Handbook p.13). As Br Frank Duff wrote, the Legion aspire after Mary’s virtues for example her profound humility, her perfect obedience, her heroic patience, her courageous love, her faith, to name a few. It is not easy for us to imitate her as everyday we are faced with temptations e.g. wanting to be righteous, want of attention, wanting to have the last word, want things done out way or give back for the hurt inflicted. When such situation of  conflict arises, though not easy, let us always ponder for awhile….., take a step back, and ask Our Blessed Mother what would she do if she was in our shoes ?  From my own personal experience, this has helped me, I truly believe, to make the right choice of action and decision. What is there to lose by holding our tongues or even giving in if necessary?  A loose tongue will bring more regret than being silence.

So let us as legionaries to always turn to our Blessed Mother for her divine assistance and guidance. Amen.

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