Allocutio: April 2019


As we enter Holy Week, we have passed through the holy season of grace. Holy Week is a time where we go deep into the mystery of the salvation of Christ- of God, that through His Son’s passion, who died, buried and on the third day rose again- I would say it is a time of “honeymoon” with Him as we pass through the whole week to the resurrected life, that is the union with Him. So every Christian will pass through these, especially Christ’s birth, His life, and passion. This is a life that we are living, and through this path in the Holy Week i.e. Holy Thursday/ Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, we truly experience the love of God in Jesus Christ, given to mankind, to us, without cost and with total surrendering of Himself to us. This is our God who truly loves us.

During this season, don’t think too much of what you have done wrong. There is no point as you have sinned. Rather, think of the love that God has for you by forgiving your sins on the cross. Think of the love of God poured on you, that fills you and set you free, in order that you will have new life.

Walk with Him in this Holy Week. Listen closely to His voice of love, the love for you and for everyone, so that as Legionaries, we not only bring Mary to the world, but we truly bring Mary- who is in her is Jesus Himself-to the world, to everyone to know Jesus through Mary and through us who have Jesus in us too. So as legionaries it is really a great vocation that God has called us and with His grace, to work more, work hard, to bring Jesus to all men. Amen.

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