Allocutio: March 2019



We are now in the season of Lent. It is a great time for us to practice prayer, fasting and almsgiving, but the real meaning of all the Lenten observances is to strengthen our faith and build our faith in the Word of God, in Jesus and through Him. When we give ourselves to others through prayers, we come in contact with Him. At last week’s Lenten season readings, we heard about the temptation of Jesus, the story of the Samaritan woman, and the man born blind — all required faith. In the profession of our faith which we come to pray because we truly believe in Him, trust in Him and have confidence in Him; and to strengthen our faith, all these of course through prayer and through His Word.


When we fast, we empty ourselves and we feel something inside of us. Not to say that we fast because we can be slim, or because we don’t like the food. Rather, fasting in a spiritual way is to empty ourselves. When you empty yourself, you feel something that is good in you — which is the Word. So during the Lenten season, when we fast, we listen. When Jesus fast and became hungry, Satan came to tempt Him and He used the Word of God. As scripture says, when we fast, let the Word of God truly fill our lives. So faith is strengthen by Jesus Himself — the Word. When you have His Word in you, you have Jesus in you. When you give, you are not giving out because of what you have but giving out what Jesus has given you.


This morning I was thinking of what to say, what this Lenten season mean for us. Then thinking of what God has done for us, I think it is better to think more of what Jesus through His passion and death has done for us. By His life which inspire us and teach us, we know what to do for the good of all souls. We are called as legionaries to make Him known, especially through Mary, the mother who always have Jesus in her, the mother that cares and help us. So with her, we too care for others, whether they are under our charge or not, or those we do not know but may come into our lives one day, all with the love of God. Amen.


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