Allocutio: February 2019


We have a great treasure in the church. The church itself was instituted by Christ himself and the church, especially all its members are filled with the Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that the church continues to  persevere. We should really treasure the “treasure” that God has given us-to  the church and to every member, through Jesus Christ. Make good use of the gift that he has given us especially within the church itself too, in many culture or custom, devotions are promoted.

On devotion,if the devotion does not lead you to God, to Christ, it is definitely not a devotion at all. An authentic devotion will lead you to God. Not only to God, but also to people that will let you know that this is a way that will guide people- maybe not the only way – to the ultimate way because Jesus himself is the Way. So if a devotion doesn’t lead you to Him, then it is only your feelings, perhaps you like it or you have some other motive. Although devotion is not my favourite way,  I cannot say that devotion is wrong. For me, the only way to God is to have a relationship with Him. He is the only one.

We should focus on God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit, where the church  itself leads us to that Trinitarian life of God.As legionaries, we should guide people to this way of life… this path. Always keep in mind what Our Lady said : “Do whatever He tells you,” that is, listen to  Jesus. That is enough… because when you listen to Him, you have full trust in Him, and confidence in Him. Whatever happens, He won’t discourage you, or fail you, because you have faith in Him as Our Lady has faith in her son. So though devotion, especially to Our Lady, let us follow her as the model- the way she lived her life, how she loved God, how she really accompanied Jesus in person or at home. Continue to be with Him even unto the cross, and continue to be with Him apostles and with the church. We are privileged to have this mother who is with us to guide us always to her son and let her son teach us to love, evangelize, and bring people to Him. We are truly privileged, and are  so grateful that this mother is always with us just as Jesus


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  1. Fr. Lim s gave the Homily, which was centered on Total Consecration its spiritual benefits, the saints who have taken it, and also the importance for Legionaries to take it themselves and to promote it to everyone, specially our families.

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