Allocutio : December 2018


Today is solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. As I had mentioned last year, Mother Mary said ” I am the Immaculate Conception.” Mary, a being like us chosen by God. The Immaculate Conception is the fullness of grace that God has given her, a privilege to be preserved from all stain of sin. Through the graces, Mary lived out fully the life of grace, the life of God. Like Mary Immaculate, we are to live out the life of grace that God has given to us. As St Paul in his 2nd letter stated that God can do the impossible for all, for Mother Mary and for us as well, since the world was formed and it was designed as such according to God’s plan. His plan for us now in this world, in the church and as member of the Legion, is the mission for us to be His ambassadors. Let us follow the example of Mother Mary who is immaculate, living in the fullness of the grace of God, and manifest through her who brings forth her Son, the giver of all grace. As she received Jesus Christ, so do we receive Christ wholly in total, especially in listening to Him who speaks to us through His mother. Following the example that God has given us in Mary, God works through her and us. Thanks to God for Mother Mary as she is our model especially as the first disciple of Jesus Christ who follow the footsteps of God for our salvation. Amen.

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